The HobbleJog Bear

In Native American culture, bears represent Warrior Spirit; the courage to persevere; and physical and emotional healing — all of which inspire us to move forward.  To me, soft, cuddly bears also represent the comfort that many of us need when facing challenges. We are reminded to keep persevering by the characteristics represented by the HobbleJog Bear:

  1. Courage: In the face of fear, courage is the whisper that says, ‘try again.

  2. Strength: Strength is not just measured in muscle; it’s the resilience that withstands life’s storms.
  3. Confidence: Confidence is the key that unlocks the doors of opportunity within oneself.
  4. Determination: Determination is the compass that guides us through challenges, pointing towards success.
  5. Persistence: Persistence turns obstacles into stepping stones on the path to achievement.
  6. Optimism: Optimism is the sunshine that turns setbacks into stepping stones to a brighter tomorrow.

HobbleJog Bears are given to the young people that are benefiting from our program. You can also receive a bear for certain levels of membership or purchase a HobbleJog Bear mascot from our online store for someone you know who needs encouragement.

Whether your challenge is physical, emotional, spiritual, relational—no matter the challenge—with the right outlook and determination, you will continue to move forward in strength and enlightenment. You will reach the finish line.