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Grace Elsner, HobbleJog Advisory Board member in the news

By July 24, 2023Press, Story

Traumatic brain injury survivor’s story told in a new book

Susan Shapiro, WGAL8 Anchor

HANOVER, Pa. — Grace Elsner thought it was a “garden variety low-speed auto accident.” But, it turned out to be a life-changing crash.

The York County woman suffered a traumatic brain injury that caused vertigo, a loss of peripheral vision and an extreme sensitivity to light, among other symptoms.

“I had two pairs of sunglasses on to try to be outdoors in the sun, which is obviously not right,” Elsner said.

Elsner went through months of vision therapy and other treatment.

She is one of 16 TBI survivors who tell their stories in a new anthology titled “Trauma to Triumph: Stories of TBI Survivors and the Vital Role of Post-Acute Care.”

She says she wanted to elevate the conversation and coordination of care for brain injury patients and caregivers.

Elsner, now 60, is doing better but still does vision exercises and watches for vertigo.



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